Customer Testimonials

Dec 4, 2014

This software is very useful for a person who needs to share his calendars to others. Even though I had some problems with using it, their customer support was pleasant and helpful, they solved all my problems really fast.

Julian, USA

Jun 14, 2013

I have ShareCalendar on my laptop and my wifes computer to share our apps list. We are running an exchange server in our office and both have windows mobile phones that also sync to the exchange server. ShareCalendar seems to work well. Reasonable price, decent annual fee, friendly support - what else to wish?

Glen C., USA

Mar 20, 2013

Tech support representative was excellent. I am an IT professional and programmer. This has far been the best experience I've had with a commercial vendor troubleshooting software remotely.

Harrison F. Hering, USA

Mar 18, 2013

Very happy with the calendar share, exactly what we needed. Great software and wonderful customer support.

Nicole J., Canada

Feb 10, 2011

I cannot tell you how useful and great this tool is. We were looking for something like tihis for so long, and now we have exactly what our company needed. Now we can share our calenders - no problem, it saves us a lot of time and makes small thing, which takes a lot of effort, very easy. Great job, thanks guys!

John Carter, USA

Feb 10, 2011

Gentlemen: I'm most impressed by the ShareCalendar that I am trying. As a consultant to small businesses, I think it has great potential for my clients, and will be recommending it to them - in fact, I have suggested it to two of them already, and they seem quite impressed by the concept and affordability. I have tried at home on my internal network, and also coordinate calendars with my son who lives in another city (in fact, it was he who suggested it to me). It is my intention to purchase either basic calendar sharing version or the Outlook sharing version, (I have yet to try the latter, but will be doing so shortly - as soon as time permits) - after that, I'll decide and make the purchase. I have several other clients whom I feel would benefit from either version. Pricing is good - especially when compared to going the MS Exchange route (which is overkill for most small organizations) and considering the relative simplicities of the two products. Anyhow, keep up the good work!

Bernie Pregler, Canada

Feb 10, 2011

I have been running ShareCalendar for a year or two now at my office and, apart from a few occasional glitches, have found it exceedingly useful and a very cost-effective solution to sharing calendars. Each update has improved the performance of the product and I can't see any faults at all now. Whenever we have had a problem, your online chat help has always been able to fix it (last time it took them about 1 1/2 hours). In the office I have combined it with vPOP3, which is an internal mail server system and this saves sending the updates out as an e-mail into the ether, all work within the intranet; it's far cheaper than buying comparative Microsoft products. I have just installed ShareCalendar on my computer at home as I find that the updating process works just as well via the internet, so this keeps me up to date, particularly if working from home. I am now recommending the system to clients and shall shortly be helping one of them to install ShareCalendar on their four computers (I'm an accountant but advise on IT matters as well) Keep up the good work.

Geoff Halfhide, United Kingdom

Feb 5, 2011

Your product is great. Simple to install, set up and use. I downloaded the trial version to ensure it would work easily for my client, which it did. I have since purchased 2 licenses for them and they are happily sharing Outlook calendars and contacts.

Karen Dixon, USA

Feb 5, 2011

I have looked at and used other Outlook sharing programs, but I have to say that yours has been the simplest and better than others. What I really like is the ability to share folders with anyone with Outlook, not just people on your local network. I had one problem being able to share my Contact folder initially. However, the issue was resolved very quickly by your tech support team. Pricing seems to be fair considering how powerful and user-friendly the program is.

Corey Laymon, USA

Jan 20, 2011

I love this stuff! Couldn't believe how easy it was to download and get started. We haven't had a single problem. It's the linchpin in effectively running our consulting company because now I can schedule meetings in one call without having to do the endless series of callbacks required to find available meeting times for our clients and ourselves. The price was very reasonable.

Tracy Downing, Account Partner, Stone Mantel, USA
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Customer Testimonials
I love this stuff! Couldn't believe how easy it was to download and get started. We haven't had a single problem. It's the linchpin in effectively running our consulting company because now I can schedule meetings in..."
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