Installation Instructions

Prior to installation:

  1. You need to have Windows® Administrator rights in order to install ShareCalendar for Microsoft® Outlook®.
  2. Please check that you are running Microsoft Outlook 2002 (SP-2), 2003, 2007, or 2010 as ShareCalendar is incompatible with any Outlook version prior to 2002/XP (SP-2); check other System Requirements as well. You can update your Microsoft Outlook version here.
  3. POP3 email accounts are more preferable for the program to run, but you can use IMAP or Exchange types of accounts. In this case you will need to create a rule moving email with specific word in subject from IMAP/Exchange Inbox to Personal Folders Inbox.

  4. Specific word value:
    • for ShareO: 4941419117711
    • for ShareContacts: 5951519117711
    • for ShareCalendar: 6961619117711
  5. Download the latest version of ShareCalendar setup file and save it to an easy to find place.

Installation steps:

  1. Close Microsoft® Outlook® and all open programs.
  2. Install the previously downloaded product by opening/clicking the "setup" file from the location where you saved it. Follow the instruction on the screen. Installation is required on every team members' computer.
  3. Start Microsoft® Outlook®
  4. If Allow Access dialog appears select "Allow access for 10min" in the next dialog and click "Yes".
  5. Change the maximum size of data e-mails, if you or your sharers have strict limitations from ISPs' or corporate e-mail server on your e-mail account and attachment size of sent e-mail messages.
  6. You are now ready to start using the program!

If installation was interrupted or incomplete, the problem might be related to Microsoft Outlook integrity. Prior to reinstalling ShareCalendar, please perform the following:

  1. Uninstall Product (Start-> Control Panel-> Add or Remove Programs).
  2. Use the Detect and Repair feature in Microsoft Outlook Help menu to make sure it is operating properly. You may need the original Microsoft Office® or Microsoft Outlook CD-Rom. If Detect and Repair was unsuccessful, please address the issue to Microsoft support team or IT Professionals. Installation of 4Team software will not be possible until Microsoft Outlook integrity is restored.
    • Please keep in mind that the "Detect and Repair" feature is not related to our software and recommended to be performed each time you experience functional problems with Microsoft Outlook.
    • Please refer to our FAQ & Troubleshooting section of the HELP documentation.
    IT Professionals in order to restore Microsoft Outlook integrity:
    • Use the "Detect and Repair" feature in your Microsoft Outlook (you may need the original Microsoft Office or Microsoft Outlook CD-Rom). If this feature is successfully fulfilled, you may proceed to the next step. If not, we recommend that you save your *.pst file and repeat the procedure, but this time with "Discard my..." checked. Use the SCANPST feature, which will check the integrity of your *.pst file. Find this file in your computer and remember the name. Close Microsoft Outlook.
    • Find the SCANPST.EXE file on your hard disk. Launch the program by clicking on SCANPST.EXE
    • In the dialogue box click "Browse..." and choose the path for your *.pst file. Click "Open". Then click "Start". If the program finds any problems, click "Repair". Click "Close". If the problems persist, address them to Microsoft support team.

Important: When you or your group members add new folder users, they have to select users with e-mail addresses that were registered as "My E-mail Address" on their PC's only. Ignoring this Rule will cause data and user duplication and reflect product, and Outlook performance.

Our customer support will be happy to answer all your questions regarding product installation and functionality, by email or through Live Help Chat/Feedback, over the phone at: (954) 796-8161.

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