New version of ShareO,ShareCalendar, ShareContacts released

Feb 21, 2008

  • French language support added. Now French speaking users can select the French language.  The Product was fully tested with French editions of Windows and Outlook.
  • Ability to ignore reminders for users having  the  "view only" access  ia folder  has been added. Now users with "view only" rights  in a folder may enable or disable reminders ignoring the option in the Management Panel

  • Issues Fixed:
  • Invitation form to receive sharing of a folder would not appear when another modal form is opened in Outlook, and would cause error. Now the invitation form waits for the modal form to disappear and then shows up.
  • In some cases,  when selecting the German language during installation with  the "for all users" option, the English language would appear instead. 
  • Emails with the received date showing "None" were not filtered according to the shared items filter during re-sending 
  • ShareO/ShareCalendar/ShareContacts menu would appear only on the first Outlook window, any other opened Outlook windows would not show the menu
  • "Ignore reminders" would not remove reminders  in default Outlook folder items
  • In systems with 16-bit color video settings, the message about  the successful finish of a re-sending process would not appear and  an error would be registered in  the error log
  • Some icons in menus would have green background in Outlook 2000
  • In some cases the "Send/Receive" process would start automatically during the folder re-sending process
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